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There are complementary definitions of community development. Community Development Challenge report, which was produced by a working party comprising leading UK organizations in the field (including ...
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Community development
Community development (CD) is a broad term given to the practices of civic activists, involved citizens and professionals to build stronger and more resilient local communities.Community development s ...
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Negative social capital
It has been noted that social capital may be not always be used for positive ends. An example of the complexities of the effects of social capital is violent or criminal gang activity that is encourag ...
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In geography
In order to understand social capital as a subject in geography, one must look at it in a sense of space, place, and territory. In its relationship, the tenets of geography relate to the ideas of soci ...
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Effects on educational achievement
Coleman and Hoffer collected quantitative data of 28,000 students in total 1,015 public, Catholic and other private high schools in America from the 7 years' period from 1980 to 1987. It was found fro ...
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Effects of the Internet
Similar to watching the news and keeping abreast of current events, the use of the Internet can relate to an individual's level of social capital. In one study, informational uses of the Internet corr ...
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Effects on health
A growing body of research has found that the presence of social capital through social networks and communities has a protective quality on health. Social capital affects health risk behavior in the ...
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Social capital and women's engagement with politics
There are many factors that drive volume towards the ballot box, including education, employment, civil skills, and time. Careful evaluation of these fundamental factors often suggests that women do n ...
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Relation with civil society
A number of authors give definitions of civil society that refer to voluntary associations and organisations outside the market and state. This definition is very close to that of the third sector, wh ...
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Integrating history and socio-economic analysis
Beyond PutnamRobert Putnam's work contributed to shape the discussion of the importance of social capital. His conclusions have been praised but also criticised. Criticism has mainly focused on:the la ...
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Roots--Social capital: a new name from an old idea
Social capital: a new name from an old ideaThe modern emergence of social capital concept renewed the academic interest for an old debate in social science: the relationship between trust, social netw ...
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Definitions, forms, and measurement
Social capital lends itself to multiple definitions, interpretations, and uses. David Halpern argues that the popularity of social capital for policymakers is linked to the concept's duality, coming b ...
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Evaluating social capital
Though Bourdieu might agree with Coleman that social capital in the abstract is a neutral resource, his work tends to show how it can be used practically to produce or reproduce inequality, demonstrat ...
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The term "social capital" was in occasional use from about 1890, but only became widely used in the late 1990s.In the first half of the 19th century, Alexis de Tocqueville had observations about Ameri ...
category:    2014-3-18 00:23
Social capital
In sociology, social capital is the expected collective or economic benefits derived from the preferential treatment and cooperation between individuals and groups. Although different social sciences ...
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