Luxon Co.,Ltd.--Brazil
The Luxon is a company specializing in marketing of electronic equipment for residential, commercial and industrial security .Headquartered in downtown São Paulo , serves the corporate market and res ...
category:    2014-5-3 17:51
Previneseguranca Prevents Security Systems Co., Ltd.--Brazil
The PREVINE was created with the intention of working with electronic security Alarm, Electric Fence, Closed Circuit TV, Automation Gates, Technical Support and Maintenance segment. We have highly qua ...
category:    2014-5-3 17:33
Generalvision Co., Ltd.--Brazil
Our company is ready to face and compete on equal terms with the world's leading brands , in addition we have a very strong interest in strengthening and supporting our dealer network , which are our ...
category:    2014-5-3 17:08

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