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Food and drink__Longer distance public transport sometimes sell food and drink on board, and/or have a dedicated buffet car and/or dining car. However, some urban transport systems forbid the consumpt ...
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Environmental__Main article: Sustainable transportThe Bus Rapid Transit of Metz uses a diesel-electric hybrid driving system, developed by Belgian Van Hool manufacturer.Although there is continuing de ...
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Infrastructure__All public transport runs on infrastructure, either on roads, rail, airways or seaways; all consist of interchanges and way. The infrastructure can be shared with other modes of transp ...
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Mode--Airline and Bush airplane
Airline__See also: Airline and Bush airplaneAn airline provides scheduled service with aircraft between airports. Air travel has high up to very high speeds, but incurs large waiting times prior and a ...
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Conveyances designed for public hire are as old as the first ferries, and the earliest public transport was water transport: on land people walked (sometimes in groups and on pilgrimages, as noted in ...
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Public transport
Public transport (North American English: public transportation or public transit) is a shared passenger transport service which is available for use by the general public, as distinct from modes such ...
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Electric power supply
Main article: power supplyElectricity generation__Main article: electricity generationThe fundamental principles of electricity generation were discovered during the 1820s and early 1830s by the Briti ...
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Electric power is transformed to other forms of power when electric charges move through an electric potential (voltage) difference, which occurs in electrical components in electric circuits. When el ...
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Electric power, like mechanical power, is the rate of doing work, measured in watts, and represented by the letter P. The term wattage is used colloquially to mean "electric power in watts." The elect ...
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Electric power
Electric power is the rate at which electric energy is transferred by an electric circuit. The SI unit of power is the watt, one joule per second.Electric power is usually produced by electric generat ...
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Central principles of waste management
There are a number of concepts about waste management which vary in their usage between countries or regions. Some of the most general, widely used concepts include:1. Waste hierarchy - The waste hier ...
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Traditionally the waste management industry has been slow to adopt new technologies such as RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags, GPS and integrated software packages which enable better quality ...
category:    2014-3-15 16:27
Challenges in developing countries
Waste management in cities with developing economies and economies in transition experience exhausted waste collection services, inadequately managed and uncontrolled dumpsites and the problems are wo ...
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Waste is not something that should be discarded or disposed of with no regard for future use. It can be a valuable resource if addressed correctly, through policy and practice. With rational and consi ...
category:    2014-3-15 16:26
Waste handling and transport
Main articles: Waste collection vehicle, Dustbin, and Waste sortingMolded plastic, wheeled waste bin in Berkshire, EnglandWaste collection methods vary widely among different countries and regions. Do ...
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