History History of technology

History of technology

The realistic dream of spaceflight dated back to Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, however Tsiolkovsky wrote in Russian, and this was not widely influential outside Russia. Spaceflight became an engineering pos ...
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Aviation history
Started with the invention of Santos Dummont, Brazilian born scientist, who created the 14BIS and the very first motor powered airplanes in the world . Humanity's desire to fly likely dates to the fir ...
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Rail transpor
The history of rail transportation dates back nearly 500 years, and includes systems with man or horse power and rails of wood (or occasionally stone). This was usually for moving coal from the mine d ...
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Maritime transport
In the stone ages primitive boats developed to permit navigation of rivers and for fishing in rivers and off the coast. It has been argued that boats suitable for a significant sea crossing were neces ...
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Road transport--History of transport
The first earth tracks were created by humans carrying goods and often followed game trails. Tracks would be naturally created at points of high traffic density. As animals were domesticated, horses, ...
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Sensors and communications
Sensors and communication systems are used to detect enemies, coordinate movements of armed forces and guide weaponry.RadarMissile guidanceGPS guidance in guidance weapons
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Fortifications are military constructions and buildings designed for defence in warfare.List of fortificationsList of forts
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Military robots
Military robots are autonomous and remote-controlled robots, or robotically enhanced systems designed for military applications.Powered exoskeletonsBomb disposal robotsUnmanned ground vehiclesUnmanned ...
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Vehicles and transports
Military vehicles are land combat or transportation vehicles, excluding rail-based, which are designed for or in significant use by military forces.List of military vehiclesList of armoured fighting v ...
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Military technology
Military technology is the collection of equipment, vehicles, structures and communication systems that are designed for use in warfare. It comprises the kinds of technology that are distinctly milita ...
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Modern surgery
Cardiac surgery was revolutionized in the late 1940s, as open-heart surgery was introduced.In 1954 Joseph Murray, J. Hartwell Harrison and others accomplished the first kidney transplantation. Transpl ...
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Post-World War II
The World Health Organization was founded in 1948 as a United Nations agency to improve global health. In most of the world, life expectancy has improved since then, and was about 67 years as of 2010, ...
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20th century
First World WarThe ABO blood group system was discovered in 1901, and the Rhesus group in 1937, facilitating blood transfusion.During the 20th century, large-scale wars were attended with medics and m ...
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History of psychiatry
Until the nineteenth century, the care of the insane was largely a communal and family responsibility rather than a medical one. The vast majority of the mentally ill were treated in domestic contexts ...
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Japan--Worldwide dissemination
European ideas of modern medicine were spread widely through the world by medical missionaries, and the dissemination of textbooks. Japanese elites enthusiastically embraced Western medicine after the ...
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