Mathematics Methodology


Rules of inference are syntactical transform rules which one can use to infer a conclusion from a premise to create an argument. A set of rules can be used to infer any valid conclusion if it is compl ...
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List of mathematics-based methods
This is a list of mathematics-based methods, by Wikipedia page.See also list of graphical methods.Adams' method (differential equations)Akra-Bazzi method (asymptotic analysis)Condorcet method (voting ...
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External references
A periodic table of visualization methods.Speaking of Graphics. v t eVisualization of technical informationFields Biological data visualization Chemical imaging Crime mapping Data visualization Educat ...
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Simple displays-Set theory-Descriptive geometry-Engineering drawing...
Box plotDispersion fan diagramGraph of a functionGraph paperLogarithmic graph paperHeatmapHistogramBar chartPie chartPlottingScatterplotSkewplotSparklineStemplotRadar_chartSet theoryVenn diagramKarnau ...
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List of graphical methods
This is a list of graphical methods with a mathematical basis. Included are diagram techniques, chart techniques, plot techniques, and other forms of visualization.There is also a list of computer gra ...
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