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List of transforms

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description: Integral transformsAbel transformBateman transformBracewell transformFourier transformShort-time Fourier transformHankel transformHartley transformHilbert transformHilbert–Schmidt integral operatorLa ...
Integral transforms

Abel transform
Bateman transform
Bracewell transform
Fourier transform
Short-time Fourier transform
Hankel transform
Hartley transform
Hilbert transform
Hilbert–Schmidt integral operator
Laplace transform
Inverse Laplace transform
Two-sided Laplace transform
Inverse two-sided Laplace transform
Laplace–Carson transform
Laplace–Stieltjes transform
Linear canonical transform
Mellin transform
Inverse Mellin transform
Poisson–Mellin–Newton cycle
Radon transform
Stieltjes transformation
Sumudu transform
Wavelet transform
Discrete transforms

Binomial transform
Discrete Fourier transform, DFT
Fast Fourier transform, a popular implementation of the DFT
Discrete cosine transform
Modified discrete cosine transform
Discrete Hartley transform
Discrete sine transform
Discrete wavelet transform
Fast wavelet transform
Hankel transform, the determinant of the Hankel matrix.
Irrational base discrete weighted transform
Number-theoretic transform
Stirling transform
Discrete-time transforms

These transforms have a continuous frequency domain:

Discrete-time Fourier transform
Data-dependent transforms

Karhunen–Loève transform
Other transforms

Bäcklund transform
Bilinear transform
Box–Muller transform
Burrows–Wheeler transform (data compression)
Wavelet transform
Chirplet transform
Distance transform
Fractal transform
Hadamard transform
Hough transform (digital image processing)
Legendre transform
Möbius transform
Perspective transform (computer graphics)
Y-delta transform (electrical circuits)

See also: List of Fourier-related transforms
Transform coding

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